How To Care Your Handbags

Washing Instructions for cotton bags:
Wash at maximum 30 degrees Celsius / 86 Fahrenheit (Do not use bleach)
Iron at medium temperature
Do not tumble dry
Close the zipper.
It is much better if you wash it in a cloth bag.

Wrong washing results tear the bag and open holes on your cotton bags.

Waxed Bags:
Waxed process give water-repellent to your bag. Though this doesn’t mean that you can walk around carefree when it’s pouring rain. Water doesn’t pose an immediately adverse effect to the fabric but you need to wipe it with a dry cloth. After all, the bag is made of 100% cotton fabric.

Cleaning Instructions for Faux Leather bags:
Completely dry the liquid on the artificial leather with an absorbent piece of cloth.
Slightly moisture a soft piece of cloth with water and clean the stain softly.
Left the artificial leather to dry and wipe the remaining stain softly after it is dried.
Under no circumstances use cleaners containing detergents, alcohol and solvents. 

Keep away from dusty, moist environments which are exposed to direct sunlight. 
Do not place the product next to a heat source and keep the product at least 1m away from such source.
Do not place hot materials on the product. (Such as iron, teapot, etc.)
Under no circumstances use detergents and bleach.
Do not allow the product to get in touch with piercing and cutting materials.
Never apply chemicals such as solvents or alcohol on artificial leather.

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